Taste of Korea



Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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Adress: 5354 Fm 1960 Rd E, Atascocita, TX 77346

Phone: (281) 570-4094

Work Hours

Tue 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Sun 12:00 pm-8:00 pm

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  • Maddie L.

    star star star star star 27 July 2021

    I never write reviews, however this place deserved it.  I love Korean food so much, but most Korean places in the greater Houston area are sub par or very much asian fusion.  It's hard to find good authentic Korean food, so anytime I hear about a Korean place I want to try it in hopes it is better than the last.  

    I heard about this place from my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend who lives in humble.  She mentioned in passing that there was a korean restaurant near her, and my ears were instantly perked.  I looked it up on yelp and read some good reviews and decided it was definitely worth a shot.  I live in Cypress so the total drive was a little over 45 minutes and it was DEFINITELY worth it.  

    My boyfriend and I ordered the kimchi pancake, mandu (dumplings), bulgogi, and ramen.  Everything we got was amazing.  My boyfriend is a super picky eater and he loved everything, despite hating vegetables.  This is definitely my favorite Korean place and I will continue the 47 minute trek there for the amazing food.

    The owner was also full of personality and a super nice guy.  Overall, I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars because I had a great experience and will definitely be returning!

  • Winnie G.

    star star star star star_border 22 July 2021

    After reading so many reviews, we were kind of expecting to meet the eccentric owner and see the hype on amazing customer service. Don't get me wrong though. Our service wasn't bad and the older gentleman was very nice and interacted with the children and customers well but he seemed very serious. Now for the food, it wasn't bad but I'm not sure if I would go back any time soon.

    To start off, we had the fried calamari which had a good amount of calamari for $7.99 but nothing special.

    I'm a huge Korean food fan and was so excited for the spicy seafood noodle soup but it wasn't to my liking. The portion was huge and generous for $11.99 which was wonderful and I was very surprised to see how large the shrimp was and the fact that there was even half a crab in the soup! However, I hate black pepper and the entree tasted of it as opposed of seafood. I've never tasted black pepper in any spicy seafood noodle soups I've ever had before? It also was VERY oily but I guess it couldn't be helped because of the amount of hot oil it had. But either way, I wouldn't order it again. Also, I got the level 2 spicy which was SPICY mind you! But it was a very fun experience blowing my nose the entire time we dined!

    My husband got the spicy pork dish for $13.99 which I don't think was worth it for the amount of meat it had. He liked it though.

    Lastly, the pork black bean noodle was alright for $9.99. There's never really anything super exciting about this dish but considering I hadn't had it in 5 years, I thought why the heck not. It too, was very oily.

    Considering that it takes me 50 minutes to get korean food in Chinatown, I was very happy to know that this place was only a mere 15 away. I didn't love all the entrees we had today but would I go back? Probably! We certainly got a lot of leftovers and on top of that, I'm still very full after eating it at 1pm and typing this review at 8pm.

  • Gabi V.

    star star star star star 22 July 2021

    LOVE THIS RESTAURANT SO MUCH!!! Wonderful staff. The owner is so nice and the food is delicious. Whether you are just stopping for a meal or if you're genuinely curious about Korean culture, you are sure to have a wonderful time!

    There are many traditional meals but also a lot of vegetarian options. Most meals are easily modified and the staff is happy to oblige. I love the ambiance of the place and can spend hours there studying or chatting with the owner. It's really wonderful.

  • Amanda C.

    star star star star star 12 July 2021

    We had a great lunch everything was delicious and the service was awesome. We ordered a couple of their bento boxes and soups it was our first time and we will be back for sure.  This picture is the Chicken Katsu Bento box

  • Kayla M.

    star star star star_border star_border 12 July 2021

    Husband and I decided to try this place for the first time for our anniversary dinner. Owner was kind of rude when we first walked in, kept telling us to hurry up and close the door cause we were letting the AC out. I was like, ooo-k.. but then after we settled in our seats and started ordering, he was nicer, although it got kind of annoying when he kept asking us and all the tables how everything was every 15 minutes. Atmosphere in the restaurant very cozy and warm- they had a small TV set that was playing seventies music. Food was delicious; my favorite was the spicy pork. Prices were too expensive in my opinion but it was our anniversary so we didn't mind. Would I come back? Probably not. If we're ever craving Korean food again, we will try another place.

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